From a historical perspective, the times we live in will likely be remembered as one of the most challenging periods in our history. Resilience and perseverance are the constants of our current survival. Difficult times, it seems, call for us to embrace our ability to grind. However, as we described in chapter 9 of our recently released book, enthusiasm is key to maintaining energy and empowerment.

In chapter 9, we describe how an attitude of gratitude is an essential tool for maintaining personal enthusiasm and sharing it with others. The simple act of focusing on gratitude allows you to express a grateful spirit with others. In this way, gratitude becomes a multiplier of positive moods, attitudes, and actions, strengthening employees and the organization. 

These history-making times call for an additional element, Grace. I’m not talking about elegance or refinement, but the maintenance of courtesy and goodwill towards others. Especially those with whom we may disagree. Grace seems to have been stripped from the fabric of American life. 

A daily practice of grace and gratitude has the ability to restore our enthusiasm and support our empowerment. When combined, grace and gratitude can help strengthen our resolve and confidence, while acknowledging that our fellow citizens require the same. 

A strong and civil American democracy is required for a strong and civil society. One way to reach that goal is a daily practice of grace and gratitude. Whether you pray, meditate, or contemplate, finding time to focus on the things you are grateful for, while seeking a mindset of grace, will help promote enthusiasm for a strong and civil society. A society that does not lose its enthusiasm nor attempt to destroy others. 

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