In a recent presentation, Sheryl Connelly, a futurist with the Ford Motor Co. shared that people become disengaged because they lack purpose in their work. In our book, Meaning-Centered Leadership: Skills and Strategies for Increased Employee Well-Being and Organizational Success, we share the power of purpose and how it can lead to workplace meaning. In presentations, we often share the hierarchy of meaningful work (pictured below). 

We identified the connection between finding purpose and significance in your work and how it leads to finding that work meaningful. Meaningful work leads to increased positivity, performance, productivity, and retention. Sheryl’s comments on the importance of purpose align with our research findings and the hierarchy pictured above. 

Interestingly, our research and Sheryl’s comments are also supported by research conducted by the Moller Institute and the International Leadership Association. In their report, they state, “…leadership theories might be used to understand, improve, and interpret the conscious practice of organizations that currently have a vast array of theory at their disposal for the improvement of purpose-driven-leadership practice.” 

Meaning-Centered Leadership can be used as a catalyst to help organizations and leaders clearly articulate their purpose. Our framework provides actionable strategies for leaders to engage and empower their followers with purpose-driven actions. As the authors of the above-mentioned research explain, purpose has the power to ignite organizational and personal meaning, inspire engagement and unite the workforce, creating greater profits while bringing positive societal impact and value. 

At Meaning-Centered Leadership, we encourage all organizations to embrace an approach that seeks to build meaning and purpose for employees. The research is clear, profound performance is connected to purpose and the creation of meaningful work. 

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