At Meaning-Centered Leadership we believe that everyone deserves a life that brings them meaning and dignity. Our position was recently echoed by 181 CEOs who signed a Business Roundtable pledge to serve all their stakeholders. This presents a switch from the long held view that the corporation serves its shareholders. 

In part the statement reads: “Americans deserve an economy that allows each person to succeed through hard work and creativity and to lead a life of meaning and dignity. …we share a fundamental commitment to all our stakeholders.”

This statement declaring the need for all workers to experience meaning and dignity must be matched by a leadership approach that builds organizational meaning for all. 

Meaning-Centered Leadership supports leadership behaviors that build personal and organizational meaning. Through engagement, empowerment, and expertise, leaders are provided with a framework for focusing on bringing deep meaning to their leadership efforts.  

Particularly heartening in this pledge is the leaders statements that support investing in employees and helping those workers develop new skills for a rapidly changing world. By bringing all stakeholders into the equation, these CEOs have served notice to everyone in the organization. Their workplaces must focus on creating meaning and dignity for all. 

The next step is to provide their leadership teams, managers, and supervisors with the tools needed to focus their leadership on skills which support meaning and dignity. Meaning-Centered Leadership provides just that. We look forward to assisting in this important transformation of American leadership.