Love What You Do

Ask yourself, do you love what you do? Can you ultimately say that you put your heart and soul into your work? Is your job fulfilling and satisfying? How about your team members? Do you help team members find meaning and purpose in their work? Throughout this pandemic, many people are asking themselves if they truly love their work. As a leader, it is your job to help them figure this out.

The 3Es of Meaningful Work

Finding satisfaction in the workplace is more important than ever. Time has allowed people to reflect upon what is important in their life and in their career. As we transition back into our new normal, will your employees stay or will they choose to leave for an organization that cares more about them as an individual?

Each of the 3Es (Engagement, Empowerment and Expertise) of meaning-centered leadership carries a component of love. Engagement discusses care and concern. Empowerment calls for an enthusiastic leader who rewards and celebrates the team. Expertise ensures optimism for the future and prepares team members for happiness. A call has sounded to ensure that businesses take care of their employees. In doing so, employees will take care of their organizations. 

What’s Your Why?

I am rereading Simon Sinek’s Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. In his book, Sinek provides a framework which he calls “The Golden Circle”. Sinek sets up a foundation for organizations to inspire their employees and their customers to greatness. It starts with understanding the purpose of the organization – The Why. For me, it is just as important to find the Why in the most valuable asset of the organization – the employees! 

What is the Why of Team Members?

I like to use The Golden Circle in leadership conversations. In considering how you lead your teams, I challenge you to help your team members find their Why.  What inspires them to come to work each and every day? What makes them happy? What are their dreams, goals and aspirations? It is so meaningful to have ongoing conversations to help people understand why they do what they do. This takes time, intention and getting to know your team members on a personal, as well as a professional level.  Show that you CARE. Listen deeply. Hear their voices. 

Once you take the time to have deep, ongoing and authentic conversations, you can help others to understand their why. This not just an annual review conversation, but a regular conversation. Discuss how their why fits into their current and future position within your organization. Build professional development opportunities that develops their why, even if it is to move outside of your department or even outside of your organization. You can ensure employee goals align with the why of the organization through authentic conversations. This is a win-win situation. By increasing engagement and communication with the employee you will increase job satisfaction. Increased job satisfaction, and doing what you love, leads to increased organizational success.

By helping employees understand their why, you can relate that to the organizational mission, vision and values. Going deep with your employees shows that you care about them and about their future. These value-added growth opportunities will benefit your organization as a whole and strengthen ultimate fulfillment and happiness with team members. LOVE directly supports organizational success.