A recent analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting suggests that a company’s social mission along with CSR actions can support an employee’s sense of meaningful work. In the report, all of the companies identified an emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts. The vast majority of companies also mentioned community engagement efforts. 

Just 30% of the companies described efforts to support continuous learning and development, and 26% percent mentioned a commitment to creating an ethical workplace. This information suggests that some steps are being taken by organizations to focus on the development of workplace meaning. However, building employees through continuous learning initiatives and supporting ethical workplaces, according to this report, need further attention. 

Additionally, the report claims that Human Resource Development (HRD) may have a role to play in creating workplace meaning. HRD practitioners can link worker engagement practices to the corporate mission and CSR initiatives. 

Many researchers are now suggesting that younger workers coming into the workforce may be in search of meaning early in their careers. These reports indicate that a strong focus on the markers of meaning need to be considered. Beyond CSR and HRD actions companies need to ensure leadership training includes a framework that supports the development of organizational meaning for all employees. 

The 3 E’s (Engagement, Empowerment, and Expertise) of Meaning-Centered Leadership clearly describes the leader’s role in framing workplace meaning. We believe that all employees have a fundamental need to experience workplace meaning. The framework presented in our book: Meaning-Centered Leadership: Skills and Strategies for Increased Employee Well-Being and Organizational Success, is a great place to start. For additional support with this important work, contact us at info@meaningcenteredleadership.com.

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