One simple New Year’s resolution we can use this year is to have more fun. I know that sounds antithetical to most New Years’ goal setters. We seem to focus on goals that call for us to sacrifice. Give up this, do more of that, but you have to ask yourself, does that work? 

As a chronic gym goer, I can tell you the January swell usually lessens by February. We set out year after year to get more out of life by altering who we are in some way. I must lose pounds, I must stop this or that, I must do some task that will enhance my life. 

Well, not me. Not this year. This year I vow to have more fun. To experience more laughter and unique experiences. To meet new people and share my positive experiences with others. 

As it turns out researchers have reported that having fun at work increases employee creativity and relationships.  So, care to join me in resolving to have more fun in 2022?